Hi There!

I used to have my personal blog at LiveJournal; as you may know it’s been rotting for a while now – LiveJournal that is, mind you – my blog stunk from the beginning. After yet another major Livejournal snafu I’ve looked at every other blogging site there is, didn’t like any of them, even though I did mirror my blog here and there. Or I’m just telling myself I did. May be. Anyway, I finally made this very site so I could spam the word at my own convenience.

Couple of disclaimers. First, this is my personal blog. Any nonsense I write aside, whatever picture I post – if there is no author mentioned, then it’s mine. Second, I started my blog in 2004, blogging was a hot item back then. I managed to write a few posts, and even scored a couple comments. Today, only a handful of bloggers still have something original to say to the world.

    I’m not one of them.


Finally, from my original blog’s  profile page, my favorite quote:

“For every complex problem, there is a solution that is simple, neat, and wrong.”